Curse Walk

Curse Walk

An apparition that has roamed the Earth for two hundred years, Shaboi has led a life of contradictions. Everything from amateur potionologist, to feared gang banger, to a lover of hideous ghouls has peppered the resume of this eclectic baird. This novella of adventures recounts Shaboi's neverending quest to enter neither Heaven nor Hell but, rather, find peace in the extremes of outer space.

Thanks to all my friends willing to sully their reputation by participating in this outlandish album. Shorty Tall Small for co-writing two of the best tracks and creating incredible artwork for the CD. Matt Elam for allowing me to include "Undead Headcheck" which he lyricized in about an hour last year with no preparation! Keith Parish and Ashley Fisher, two exceptionally talented musicians who added 300% polish to their respective songs.

Karla for being the ultimate teammate and ego booster. And fore-mostly Michael Eades who is gracious enough to host/post the songs, not to mention wrangle the packaging and keep my asp in gear to finish a Halloween album before Thanksgiving.

released 13 October 2009 — yk records #004 — This album is best experienced through headphones or in a hearse. — Artwork by Shorty Tall Small

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Fun Fact: There's a bonus Shaboi song called Caterpillar that is part of a split 7".

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